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The internet has been built on a global platform. There are no boundaries, and local business must compete with the world. The result is that Meta titles, keywords and descriptions (coded messages to Search Engines embedded in Website code) are primarily ignored in website rankings for inclusion in search results. The pity is that abuse made this necessary and tens of thousands of verifiable backlinks and other criteria are all that will ensure that your local website is found. This means that you need a big budget or a huge amount of time to invest in sweat equity for your website to be found on the internet.

Try it. Search by category or keyword for a range of local websites, and you will find that they are invisible. You are likely to run out of appetite for "the hunt" before you find the site that you seek.

Now try searching for a business whose website address you have. Yes, this is likely to link you to the site. What if, you had a handy button on your phone that, when tapped, opened a Communicator App that listed links to new product specials, deals, lucky draws and more including participation on a social chat page. Would you share the link with a friend?

What if you could log in to your online private social account to review any coupons or other benefits that you had available or to edit reviews made etc. How would you feel about sharing something of value with a friend. Given that a benefit had real value, would you share it with your friends or business connections?

If only one in ten customers share with ten friends who take up a valued benefit, the businesses size will double.

It's that simple. Do the maths; the possibilities are staggering. To succeed, you need to find the value that you offer. More often than not, customers will buy when the value to them, which is based on needs, exceeds the cost. Your cost is irrelevant to them. Astute shoppers will comparison shop and the trick is to gain a deep understanding of the need and to segment the market with an offer that more fully meets the need as it addresses the cause of customer problems more fully.

What if, you could survey your customers with an advanced online, on-phone, agile survey where every question is relevant because every question is carefully selected, based on the last answer, to drill down and find out what your customer needs.  If you provided what your customers need; would they buy?

We call ourselves "Spiders" as we do not just make website software, we develop digital platforms that are strategically designed to get your customers to grow your business. We are like no other.

Our Communicator App is a silent button on customer phones or a bookmark on PCs. It helps to build customer relationships and it rewards customers for sharing, reviewing and growing the business. It establishes a community with links to a Facebook business page, and it keeps customers up-to-date and informed as and when they "tap the button" on their phones.

The secret to business growth is not complex; Delight, Reward and Grow. It just works!

The most valuable assets that a business has is its staff and their customer list. To delight your customers and grow the list, you need to get the business balanced for success. It means that you need to give attention to your people, operations, funding and culture which support a crisp and clear, call to action vision that has inspired a strategy to make it happen. This done, you need to implement our second phase, a loyalty and referral programme that completes the strategy to attract, retain and grow your customer base.  We run a Webinar on Wednesdays on a tried and tested strategy to grow businesses. Chat to us about being invited to attend. 

As you scroll down to read more, you will gain clarity on the fact that what we offer is a complete growth strategy rather than just a website that is likely never to be found.

Our Offer to SMEs

The Webo SaaS (Software as a Service) is a comprehensive digital marketing software subscription that offers three software bundles. We urge you to build the site and to strike up a conversation with your customers; new and old.  Using a developer to present a a staged image of you may have been what you were told but the world has changed; social media did it. You customers want to engage with you and not with a fancy brochure. Our software is click built, you can do it and we will coach you to success. If you just cannot do it due to time pressures nor can you delegate then we can do it all for you.

The first of our three software bundles is our eBusiness Bundle; the second is our eCommerce Bundle, and the third is the eMarketing Bundle.


The biggest problem that one can have is, arguably, the one that you do not know that you have.  If this applies, you are unlikely to try and fix it as something that you believe not to be broken is unlikely to be on your "to do" list.

Most SME websites that are not promoted by big budgets are not found on the internet. Less than 25% of searchers read beyond the first page of search engine results pages, and if a website is listed lower down it will most likely not be viewed. The result is that most of the 200 million sites out of 1.74 billion sites on the internet that are active never get to page one of a keyword search and so websites and shops do not grow businesses.

Take the test

Ask yourself, is my website lost on the internet?  If you think not, ask again!

The Solution

Our eMarketing bundle is the solution as a companion to our eBusiness Bundle and our eCommerce Bundle. In short, it gets your customers to grow your business in a way that only big budgets can duplicate.

Our Website  Builder enables:
* Password locked sites or content
* Audio : Album & track pages
* Blogs: Public or private by category
* Downloads: Public or private & log
* Flipbooks: Public or private brochures
* Forms: Public or private, logs & mgt.
* Images: Alternators, automated image presentation shows,        boxed image rotators,  flash & non-flash galleries, gif               generators (animator), resizer, slide shows, URL & e-mail links
* Link library: Set links to URL’s & e-mail
* Marquees: Ticker tape images & text
* Pages: Public or private linked & delinked plus vertical scroll       box pages
* Quick Quotes: Build & get one online
* SEO: Titles, keywords & descriptions
* Social Networks: Share, like counters & up to three on site          twitter feeds
* Templates: Alternatives or edit one
* Video: List & play on or off site videos

Our Shop Builder adds:

* Secure bank managed shopping cart payment.

* Any currency (incl own bucks)

* Bulk product uploader

* EFT management per mail managed confirmation orders

* Delivery fee management

* Mgt of T&C acceptance

* Priced, unpriced and complete on-site auction management

* Product categories

* Product list & Image views

* Product reservation mgt

* Product variations eg select size & colour on checkout

* 21 images per product

Our Directory Listing Offers:

* A link to your website, webpage and or store

* All your contact info.

* A crisp “About Us” writeup

Our Wepages

          * Host text & images


* Bulk e-mailer ( by arrangement)

* Bulk SMS’er (by arrangement)

* Own domains for any option 


Every single Buyer / Customer / Blogger

gets a private loyalty account to track their

loyalty rewards, redemptions, reviews, 

payment and despatch tracking is standard

 Our Directory has Listings that link to Showcase or Content Sites, Shops, Deals, Coupon Rewards, Loyalty Rewards, Referral Rewards & Shops. 

 Browse by Category or by Name or do a Quick Search

Link & List Communicator App egs 

In the Admin Side Panel (see below) there are 
How To Tips Pages.

Log In & Select 

any option and

scroll down to Read the 

How To Tips 

for that page.

About the Webo Software

The Webo SaaS offers "Click Built," software that requires no coding skills.  

You can do it and you should. If preferred, we can also do it all for you. We would, however, prefer you to manage your conversation on the internet and are fully committed to coaching you to success.

The Software

Our eBusiness and eCommerce solutions enable SaaS members to build websites, stores, agile surveys, viral blogs and online meeting rooms with video conferencing plug-ins. Our eMarketing solutions aka LPM (Loyalty Programme Marketing solutions),  enable coupon marketing, loyalty programmes with online loyalty accounts for all customers, and Referral Marketing campaign automation. 

About the Webo Software
The Webo SaaS offers "Click Built," software that requires no coding skills.  
You can do it and you should. If preferred, we can also do it all for you. We would, however, prefer you to manage your conversation on the internet and are fully committed to coaching you to success.

The Software
Our eBusiness and eCommerce solutions enable SaaS members to build websites, stores, agile surveys, viral blogs and online meeting rooms with video conferencing plug-ins. Our eMarketing solutions enable coupon marketing, loyalty programmes with online loyalty accounts for all customers, and Referral Marketing campaign automation. 

Mix & Match and Use What You Need
You can sign up and build your platform with the elements that you need, or we can build it for you. 

Marketing Channels
We fully support traditional inbound and outbound marketing campaigns. The combination of the two offers synergy and where budgets permit it should be considered. The alternative, that works is to get your customers to grow your business with our tried and tested frameworks.

Loyalty Programme Marketing App egs

Read on & expect to be amazed!

Yes, Be Amazed

Because, Your Customers Can Grow Your Business.

We call our gurus "spiders" as they are experts at web development but their insight  is no accident. 

The world is full of website builders and many do a goos job of building awesome websites that have no hope of being found on the internet.

eBusiness without eMarketing will not happen without a big budget driving traffic to your website, blog or other communication channel.

eCommerce shops without eMarketing too is futile without big budgets driving in traffic to the store.

eMarketing and a tried and tested strategy is what will grow your business. We have taken on turnaround challenges that international consultancies have considered impossible.

What makes us unique is that we are growth strategists. Ask for an invite to our Wednesday Webinars in which we lay the foundation for our challenge to Double Turnover in Half the Time.

If you need to reboot your business this is the stitch in time that you have been hoping for.

We buy in to the mantra; connect, look, chat and build relationships!

Let's set up a Group Chat

 with your team on your Growth Strategy

Why be Alone on the Internet

Our eBusiness, eCommerce and eMarketing Software Bundles offer a huge variety of site builders. Webo offers the most comprehensive site building package offered by a directory in the world. You may take advantage of the full package or use parts to complement what you already have. 

Directory Listings

Directory Listings are Free. You are encouraged to take advantage of our "Mention Me" campaign to secure a 30-day VIP listing upgrade for each listing that you recommend.

1.2 Million Hits a Month

Free Directory Listings stand an equal chance of being found by the 1.2 million visitors that Webo enjoys on average per month. As Bill Gates famously put it "Content is King" and we pride ourselves in providing content management enablers that will provide the information that browsers seek.  Every Free listing gets a full webpage to host text, images and videos. Best is our "Mention Me" campaign that we touched on above,  recommend a business, and if they submit a listing, you both get a VIP upgrade for 30 days.

Getting Found
We recommend two ways to be found on the internet that are equally effective but which are poles apart in terms of budget needs and methodology. The first is available to big business who use big budgets to attract online eyeballs through PPC saturation marketing. It works; money can optimise your website's SEO, build and add content on a daily basis and buy you traffic. Other big-budget options include TV advertising, print media adverts and the rest. They all take a big budget and they deliver. The second way lies in understanding that most local businesses seek a local rather than an international or national audience. If you want to market to a defined "Home "Zone/neighbourhood and your customers are drawn from that same "Home Zone" then the chances are that your customers know who you desire to attract to your business. Delighted customers that are prepared to refer you to a friend do not. The reason is that at "the moment of delight/satisfaction" it is not easy to make a referral, and so lethargy and self-interest cause them to not take action. Getting customers to refer you to a friend is achievable, but there is a secret to success; you have to make it easy (this addresses lethargy) and rewarding (so it's in their interest).

Social Sharing
 Statistically, studies have shown that 70% to 86% of us will share when it is worth our while and if it is easy to do. Thus: · For every 100 customers of yours, if say 70% share with friends on say, Facebook where, on average, they have 338 friends. · Referrals may then reach: 70% x 338 people x 100 customers = 23,660 referrals in the first step. · In the next step, the reach explodes but suffice to say that the local reach will be saturated.

Give to Get 
At the heart of the secret to success lies the principle of give-to-get. Give your customers something to talk about or give them something to share and, you guessed, they will. In summary: Customers that have found your value will have friends and connections who too will find the value that they have found. One more time: Make it easy and rewarding for customers to network and generate leads for you and they will.

WhatsGood Communicators aka Pocket Advisors 
Our WhatsGood Pocket Advisors are designed to offer tap-to-dial convenience to users that can easily add a tap-to-open button on the home screen of their phones. Each time a button is tapped the latest version of the page will open. As stated, when the Pocket Advisor page is open, users that select the social sharing option, will be directed to their preferred social media account so that they can add a comment before sharing.

WhatsGood, Info, Deals, Coupon, Loyalty, Reputation and Referral Marketing 
The Free Listing Splash page is a page that offers: 
• Contact Information; who to contact 
• Links; to websites, etc. 
• Location; where you are located 
• A short crisp information page on who you are that is a full WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) webpage with text, image and video hosting capability. Basically, you just type in the box, but if you want to set up a fancy layout, the sky is the limit.
• Reviews; to see what others say about your products and services. Each of the listing links offers a defined deliverable. 

Coupon Redemption is Executed by an Authorised Staff Member of the Store who does so on your phone 

after you have logged in to your Loyalty Account. 

Having your presence on the internet collectively marketed by your community works. Why close the door to millions of passing traffic?

Deal Promotions are included in the 

VIP LISTINGS together with the L&L Communicator App

Free & VIP Listing 

Admin Panel

The Link & List Communicator

Handy Numbers
For Your Customers

Company Contact Lists

Links to Product Manuals

At the foot of every page option (above right) there is a How To Tips Page. How To Tips guide you in how to build the option selected.


Admin Panels

Website eg - Side Panels are Optional

Coupon Marketing Campaign eg

DIY or B4U?

  • We strongly recommend that you build your own digital marketing platform. 

  •  If you do not have the time then we can build it for you.

  • At the top of the Site Builder's Admin Panel there is a GETTING STARTED option. 
  • Register, Login and Select the Getting Started - How To Tips option.
  • Here you will find details on how to get invited to our Webinars on Wednesdays
  • The Webo Academy's online Meeting Room is stacked with Powerpoint presentations on Growth Strategies, Info Videos and eBook Downloads.
  • We have a managed coaching programme that will e-mail you daily build objectives and offer video insights.
  • On Wednesdays we host a Webinar on Growth Strategies and we offer a Q&A on the managed coaching programme.
  • Site Builders are invited to the Webo Academy's Facebook Group where they should post progress reports, ask questions or request assistance. The group has a focus on the Keys to Implementation Success; Accountability, Support and the DTHT (Double Turnover in Half the Time) Challenge's Roadmaps.

Every Customer Of Yours Gets A Private Loyalty Account

Coupons, Referral Rewards, Reviews, Purchase Order & Pyt Tracking

Online, On Phone Coupon egs

The Link & List Communicator is part of The eBusiness Bundle. 

It is also included in the VIP Listing

The eMarketing Bundle 

Coupon Marketing to Attract, Loyalty Marketing to Retain and Referral Marketing to grow is designed to get your customers to grow your business.

Demo Sites

• Shopping Malls https://mycom.app/mall

• Law Firms: https://mycom.app/law

• Home Decor Store: https://mycom.app/decor

• Hotels & Lodges https://mycom.app/lah

• Manufacturing Jeweller & Store: https://mycom.app/jew

• Restaurants: Steakhouse: https://mycom.app/GBG

• Restaurants: Seafood: https://mycom.app/SSRpdf

• Takeaway/Fast Food: Sushi: https://mycom.app/SB

• Directory: https://webo.directory


  Selected eBook References

• Getting The Digital Marketing Basics Right: https://mycom.app/basics

• Digital Marketing with the Webo SaaS (It is packed with success           stories): https://mycom.app/dmpdf

• Reward Structuring with the Webo SaaS: https://mycom.app/RSpdf



Why Webo?

There are many website builders and many directories. In a one to many goods or services structure, the combination of the two is what makes Webo unique, and the synergy that it offers from collective social marketing and from mobile internet-based knowledge/content management to brand building is astounding.

Visit a demo site or read an eBook

Let us have some detail about your vision, goals and growth strategy and we'll invite you to a Wednesday Webinar 

at which we'll discuss, with your team,

 the value  that we can add in you 

driving with us navigating a

custom implementation programme.