Brand building 

In a competitive marketplace brand value built on relationships which drive brand loyalty is an indicator of market share. Essentially it quantifies customer delight, which is key to customer-driven awareness marketing. 


Delighted customers will spread the word if it's easy and incentivised.


SMEs without big marketing budgets are not found on the internet 

Finding new customers without a big budget is a demanding process for SMEs. 



The problem

There were 1.74 billion websites in January 2020. About 1.54 billion of these are dormant or abandoned, leaving only 200 million active sites. Search results, as a norm, offer thousands of options to browsers, which 75% of the time only look at the 1st page of a search results pages. 



Win: Win

Helping small business customers to compete in the digital space is a service that B2B Corporate Businesses can offer in return for brand building. Give to get works; it is a well-established maxim of business growth. 


Self Funding

Best is, to the B2B Corporate, brand building can be self-funding. 

                 Brand Building 

         It's critical to sales growth

In a competitive marketplace brand value built on relationships which drive brand loyalty is an indicator of market share. Essentially it quantifies customer delight, which is key to customer-driven awareness marketing. 


Delighted customers will spread the word if it's easy and incentivised.

Case Study

As the leading bank in France for SME business and franchise holders, 

Banque Populaire has a very clear approach to defining different customer needs. 

The bank serves 128,000 SME customers, provides 150 dedicated business centres and has 1,000 employees who specialise in the SME sector.


Banque Populaire also recognises that helping small businesses to compete in the digital space is well within the capability of banks and can be a crucial part of helping this customer segment to feel more engaged with a provider of financial services.


"In 2012, we also developed a special offer called 'direct et prochewith the idea of giving SMEs and micro-businesses the opportunity to create their own website that could include an online shop. We also created a marketplace to give visibility to these websites," says Descos.* "It is a daily challenge to simplify the banking experience for our SMEs. It is extremely important to be reactive, simple and efficient. We want to deliver the best experience in the digital World. Less paper and more reactivity is the SME banker's challenge."


*Christophe Descos of Banque Populaire – 24 January 2017

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Neighbourhood Community Marketing

More and more we GO LOCAL. Online offerings drive traffic to local stores,. Our Neighbourhood Marketing Campaign Builder markets DEALS, SPECIALS and PRESS RELEASES within a community. In addition, suppliers can subscribe to a Loyalty Club that offers points exchanges. Customers can earn points on a big-ticket once off buy eg a mattress and redeem the points on eg dog grooming.

The Directory Creates an Online Community that Showcases Neighbourhood Communities

Webo Hubs, a division of Webo, offers managed directory and site-building software as a service.


A branded directory creates an online community that builds relationships and grows brand awareness.


Facebook is an online community, LinkedIn is another, and so is a branded Webo directory. All grow brand awareness through URL architecture which is structured as follows:






The SME clients listed on a Branded Directory will grow the brand and their sites awareness by collectively marketing each other and the brand. Think of it as an online destination akin to a shopping mall. Why be alone on the internet when being part of a community will boost the likelihood of being found?


As an incentive, B2B Corporates can help SMEs to compete in the digital space by providing them with specialist eBusiness, eCommerce and eMarketing software at a discount on market pricing.

Every customer of every SME can have an Online Loyalty Account with a Hub Loyalty Card & Hub URL address eg



B2B Corporates

  • Branded Hubs

·       E.g. Banks, Breweries, Government SME Ministries, Insurance & Assurance Companies, Importers, Manufacturers and Wholesalers with large supply chains, Franchisors and more

  • Intranets

·       Local & International Professional Firms, Clubs, Associations, Church Congregations, Neighbourhood/Resident Community Security Groups, Brick & Mortar Shopping Malls, Informal Markets and more


Market Reach

Branded hubs can offer directory community inclusion to SME clients, their customers and others. 

·       Corporate B2B businesses list their SME clients.

·       SME clients list their customers

·       SME Customers (consumers) market to friends and business connections


Customers growing businesses!  

· Statistically, 70% to 86% will share when it is worth their while, and it is easy to do. 


· 70% share with friends on say Facebook where, on average, they have 338 friends.

· Referrals may then reach: 70% x 338 people x eg 100 customers = 23,660 referrals in the first step.

· In the next step, the reach explodes but suffice to say that the local reach will be saturated.

Customers with an SME Loyalty Account will benefit from positive engagement, writing reviews and making referrals.

Our Offer: In a Nutshell, we offer three core deliverables.


1. An online brand building SME community platform

Think > LinkedIn and Facebook where millions of users have branded online pages/sites


2. An enabler that will allow the Hub to market its SME clients who will be enabled to get their customers to grow their businesses via an automated outbound reputation and referral marketing programme. Think > Alibaba who took the SMEs in China to the World and it's market places.


3. A Branded Online Points Bank & Branded Loyalty Card that enables every customer of all participating SMEs to share, bank, consolidate and redeem loyalty rewards and points that they can redeem on the phone at preferred SME vendors. 

Think > Loyalty Reward Awareness on steroids!


"Our offer for inclusion in your services to your SME customers will differentiate, deliver greater visibility, 

SME growth, and it will enhance client relationships"


The Webo Academy

Software Use/Site Building Support

Support is managed by the Webo Academy who offer:

 - Group Coaching, 

- DIY Training Courses, 

- Page by Page "How To Tips" and 

- 24/7 FAQ Webinars/Replays. 

Does Networking Work?

Simply put, our offer takes one on one networking and word of mouth reputation and referral marketing, which has worked for centuries, to the internet where powered by social media, ease of use and relevant rewards it boosts online visibility, attracts, retains and grows businesses.

Directory Builders

Directory Customisation: Branding

Free Listings: Info & Links, Reviews, Social Media Integration, Directory Search Tag Set Up, SEO Set Up, Multi Directory Inclusion

VIP Listings: Listing Options plus GIF Builders, Forms Mgt, Accommodation Enquiry Mgt, Online Quotes, Slideshows, Flash & Non-Flash Image Galleries, Product Showcase Mgt, Showcase Review Mgt, FlipBooks/Online Magazines, Advanced Link Mgt, Text & Image Polls, Blog, Deals Admin, App Communicators

eBusiness Builders

eBusiness is about communication with engagement enablers that grow relationships

Pull: Content & Presentation: Info Sharing Websites with Editable Templates and Content Management enablers re text, image and video delivery plus much more

Engage: Blogs, Surveys, Online Meeting Rooms and more

Push: Apps, Bulk SMS, Social Media eg Mobi content sharing, social media integration and more

eCommerce Builders


eCommerce is about online trading enablers

Content & Presentation: Currency set up, Payment channels options, Variations & Sub-variations eg Sizes & Colours, 21 images


Sell: Digital (eg Music & Tickets) & Physical Products via Fixed price sales, Auctions & Unpriced Classifieds, Online Buyer's Accounts and more


Track: Stock Levels, Orders, Payment & Delivery Tracking

eMarketing Builders


eMarketing is about enhancing visibility, attracting, retaining and growing businesses


Attract: Coupon Marketing- tracking reward automation redemption


Retain: Loyalty Marketing Online Loyalty Accounts, Multi-Store Points Consolidation


Grow: Referral Marketing; Reputation building automation, Awareness campaigns, Two-way reward tracking, Reward and Redemption automation

SME Coupon, Loyalty Reputation & Referral Marketing Success Stories:

In 1887 the GIVE A GLASS OF COKE handwritten coupons grew Coca-Cola.

 Asa Candler's coupon idea transformed Coca-Cola from an insignificant tonic into a market-dominating drink. 

His handwritten tickets offered consumers a free glass of Coca-Cola & by 1913 8,500,000 free drinks made Coca-Cola a national craze in the USA.


The PayPal Referral Program resulted in PayPal achieving a 7 to 10% daily growth that rocketed them to a user base of over 100 million users before the end of September 2003.

EARN ACCOMMODATION CREDITS Airbnb launched in 2008 & has booked millions of bed nights. 

Their 1st referral program test to 2,161 members doubled membership by 2,107. 

They offered a $25 travel credit for every referral that booked a $75 trip.


Dropbox launched a Referral Program in 2010. 

By April 2010 they permanently increased signups by 60%. 

Users made 2.8 million referrals, and both the customer and friend earned extra storage space.


TheyLaunched the Webo Loyalty Programme and Customer Relationship App last year and notched up over 700 followers after two days. 

Their App was nominated for App of the year.

Demo Sites

• Shopping Malls https://mycom.app/mall

• Law Firms: https://mycom.app/law

• Home Decor Store: https://mycom.app/decor

• Hotels & Lodges https://mycom.app/lah

• Manufacturing Jeweller & Store: https://mycom.app/jew

• Restaurants: Steakhouse: https://mycom.app/GBG

• Restaurants: Seafood: https://mycom.app/SSRpdf

• Takeaway/Fast Food: Sushi: https://mycom.app/SB

• Directory: https://webo.directory


  Selected eBook References

• Getting The Digital Marketing Basics Right: https://mycom.app/basics

• Digital Marketing with the Webo SaaS (It is packed with success           stories): https://mycom.app/dmpdf

• Reward Structuring with the Webo SaaS: https://mycom.app/RSpdf



Why Webo?

There are many website builders and many directories. In a one to many goods or services structure, the combination of the two is what makes Webo unique, and the synergy that it offers from collective social marketing and from mobile internet-based knowledge/content management to brand building is astounding.

  • Deals & Promotions
  • - The pages are normally hosted by us
  • - but the link can also be directed to your "Deals or Promotions" page on your website.
  • - we will host your artwork or
  • - we will create a custom deals and promotions link to pages such as the examples below.
  • - every deals page enjoys a featured link on a relevant Whats Good Pocket Advisor
  • - every deals page is an independent landing page with an independent URL so you can link to it on your e-mails,etc. When you update a deals page the link URL can stay the same, if you so desire, so that your customers can button bookmark your deals page, on the home screen of their phones.

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See our SME page for details on SP; Splash Pages, Loyalty Rewards Pages LR and Referral Rewards pages RR. See info on the DP page link below.

Hubs; Directories & Site Builders Executive Summary

Chat to us about hosting a branded directory for your client community that enables collective marketing towards being found on the internet. In return, reward your community with the eBusiness, eCommerce and eMarketing Software that will take their online digital marketing platforms to the next level.  Read on ....